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Ikenga Ogbo

Professional overview

About Ikenga Ogbo

With nearly two decades of experience in the health and human services industry, Ikenga Ogbo has proven, time and again, to be an admired expert in his field. Ikenga is dedicated to his community of Evanston, Illinois where he started his career. After graduating from the University of Illinois with his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Mr. Ogbo immediately continued his education. A few short years later, he graduated with a master’s degree in Public Health. Once his formal education was completed, Ikenga Ogbo immersed himself in the industry to pursue a career in public health and safety and to ensure those within his community benefited from improved health. 

Ikenga Ogbo began his rise to the top of his field as a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner. He was relied upon to conduct regular compliance inspections for a variety of organizations and establishments within the city. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Ogbo reviewed policies to ensure they were compliant and effective, planned city-wide events to spread important health and safety information, and reviewed plans and blueprints for various projects. His exemplary performance earned him a promotion in 2015 to Public Health Manager. Always ready for another challenge, Mr. Ogbo relished the added responsibilities this new role provided. Now that he could create policies and plans for health programs, recruit staff, and address public health complaints he could implement more positive and effective change for the community he cared so much about. 

In 2019, Ikenga Ogbo had already dedicated a decade of his career to public health and safety. After a brief stint as Interim Director of the Health and Human Services Department, Mr. Ogbo was promoted to full-time Director where he could further guide the wellbeing of the Evanston community. 

Ikenga’s lifelong passion for science and public health and extensive experience made him the ideal leader when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. With only six months as Director, Ikenga knew he had to use every piece of knowledge and resource available to keep his community safe and prevent the further spread of the virus. Thanks to his quick actions and tireless dedication, Ikenga Ogbo successfully navigated the city through the pandemic and into less uncertain times. 

Even when the pandemic was raging, he never lost sight of the future and what his community would need. Once restrictions eased, he implemented a new youth summer activities program to help ease the stress of social isolation. Ikenga will never stop being inspired by science and continually finds new ways to implement it into his role protecting the safety and health of those he is charged with protecting. This passion and commitment will continue to make a difference in others’ lives for years to come. 

To stay up-to-date on Mr. Ogbo’s efforts and successes, visit his blog page and social media accounts for more information.

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